The nameless shadow

The shadow has no name.
She lost it long ago
A shadow has no use of a name
A shadow doesn’t exist
A shadow only exists through others
A shadow has no purpose

The shadow has no name
‘Cause no one would call her
A shadow is always here when you need
A shadow has nohing to say
A shadow has no opinion worth of listening
A shadow can’t desagree

The shadow has no name
And she doesn’t even remember she had one
A shadow has no use
A shadow has no need
A shadow has no mind
A shadow has nothing of hers

The shadow has no name
She thinks she doesn’t deserve one
A shadow can’t feel properly
A shadow can’t think properly
A shadow can’t speak properly
A shadow can’t love properly

The shadow has no name
But her pain has so many names
The shadow is lonely
The shadow is desperate
The shadow is lost
The shadow wants to be loved

The shadow has no name
Therefore, she can’t recall she used to be a full human
With a body
With feelings
With memories
With a story
With beliefs
With a real shape
With a name

The shadow has no name
When she needs it so badly to live.

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