Night Six

Dear Lullaby,

Will you ever smile again ?
Will you talk to me again ?
Do you still hear the breathe of the world ?
Will you ever reach it back ?
Will you go back to the living one ?

You know I’ll miss you.
You know I need you.

I need you to find the A.
If you don’t, I’ll never be complete again.
I’ll keep disappearing, over and over.
I will suffer so much.
And I’ll be nothing at the end.
None to remember me.
None at all.

All that because of you.

It’s all your fault.
It’s unfair that Lucy came to you.
He never came to me.
Never never.
I tried to make him come,
But he didn’t.

And you…
You did nothing but he came to you.
He walks with you every night.
Why ?
Why Lullaby ?
Why does he stay with you
and never give me a look ?

I hate you.

Find the A.
Find a way.

Or I’ll never leave you sleep again.

Yours fully,

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