Night Seven

Hi Madness, sweetie.
Long ago, long time… what time ? Please, what time is it ?
I lost the tic tac. Lost his breath.
Even Lucy is not coming tonight.
The earphones are silent.
I can’t sing, my voice is dead.
My name is vain.

Madness, sweetie…

Do you remember how it was ? How it was before all this.

No name. Silence is so so big. Silence is so so huge. Unknown territory. And I can’t move. I can’t even blink. Can’t cry. Can’t whisper. Can’t escape. Can’t smile. Where will I go ? Where will I go when all this will be over ? Where can I even go being almost dead ?

Silence is eating me.

You know Madness, I met this girl… Her mind is so full of silence that you can hardly hear her voice. I asked for her name. She looked at me. I swear I could see her lips moving but no sound reached my ears. Her eyes start getting full of tears, waterless tears. She was fighting against something I couldn’t see. All I can see was her pain. Something was hurting her deeply inside.
I took her hands, trying to give her a bit of strength. All I said was « My name is Lullaby. ».
Here I heard it. A gate was broken. Finally she whispered « My name is …Lice. »

She lost the A. She lost the fucking A of her name. Silence ate it.

Long time. Can’t escape. I don’t want to loose my name.
Madness, sweetie, will you be kind enough to remember my name ?

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