Night Nine

I’m dancing under the rain. It’s acid rain. It’s burning the trees. If I’m lucky enough they’ll burn ’till there’s nothing more and I’ll be able to get out of here. Until this golden moment, I’m dancing. Barefoot under the acid rain. Whatever will happen to me. Nothing worse can happen now. Nothing. ‘Cause I’ve already lost your breathe…

Am I so far from you,
so deep into the wood
that I can’t feel you ?
There used to be the heat of your hand
just on this side.
And now, even the ravens leave no touch on my skin.
I can hear them
I can hear them sing.

I’m dancing under the acid rain. I can hear the music in my head. I can hear all those screamings. I’m trying no to hear them. I’m trying not to understand. Don’t give any attention and they won’t cause any pain. No more pain.

The trees are burning. So are the leaves on the branches. And so is my skin. Lucy’s not here tonight. But I can feel the pain of her sight. ‘Lice is here. Deeper in the wood. Deeper and deeper again. Where no humain ears can go and survivre. She lost the A venturing on this side. She told me to find it. She’s not nice. Not nice at all. She hates me. She says she’s going to destroy me. And I believe her. I know she can do it. She can break me when she wants. ‘Cause if Lucy’s my friend, Madness is her’s…

I’m dancing in the rain
I’m looking for pain
the pain that can wake me up
from this living nightmare.
The ravens keep singing

« It’s too late,
you already have no more blood
on your vein »

Please, free me from your sorrow

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