Night Five

Something is burning inside. Do you know that feeling ? When your insides are burning and you think you’re about to die ? These nights, I want to break myself. As I can hear my bones cracking and my blood boiling, I wish I could break me in so many litle pieces I could fix everything back after….

After what ?
What after ?

And everything would be as I wanted it to be. It’s not fair that I feel like dying all these nights while everyone can’t even imagine the suffering I find in the dark.

I want to be fixed.
Will you fix me ?

They say I don’t deserve it.
The voices in the dark…

And He says I’m crazy
morning after morning
And Lucy walks with me
night after night
But we don’t know what we are looking for.
might be peace…

Some bit of peace, some piece of relief.

But the pain goes on and on. It never stops. I ended up thinking I will never ever be fixed. I’m definitly broken and I’m walking with the pieces of a dead me stucked to my legs, to my arms… And my hands can’t take it off. I want to thake this off. I want it so hard sometimes I start putting off my own skin… I wanted to see what was under, what was this stuff that burns me all night long. And you know what ?

There was nothing.

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