Night Eight

I know all your stories. Everything you dream at night, everything you dream when the lights switch on. I know everything. I feed myself with your prays, your words, your needs. I take everything, I steal all I can and I keep it.

I’m sorry but I don’t have the choice.
I must fill the night.
Night is so empty
it hurts my head so bad.
And I can throw my mind on the walls
as much as I want
as much as Madness wants
pain never stop.

So Lucy said :
Let’s fill the night. Let’s take them all we can. They won’t die I promise. They’ll never know I swear.

And I believed him.
And he was right.
You do not know.

No clue.
You can’t catch me.
‘Cause I know all of your fucking stories and in the end it fills me so much I can’t fucking sleep ! Free me please… Free me from your sorrow…
‘Lice… please free me… I’ll fill the blank on your name and you’ll have a beautiful and complete name again I swear.

They’ll never know he said.

I can hear you breathe through the earphones….
I know your stories, I know your breathe.
I feed myself with it, and I followed Lucy home but Lucy had no home however he swore we’ll find an exit ’cause I want to get out of here do you hear me I want to get of here I FUCKING WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE.

But you don’t hear me. And I don’t hear you neither… Where are you ? I have to hear you breathing… ‘Cause if I don’t hear you breathing… how can I come back ?

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