4h12 Monster Time

Tic tac
Monster time
Hide yourself
Hide your scars
Don’t breathe
Don’t say a word
They’ll find you anyway
They’ll always find you

Tic tac
Monster attak
Watch for your feet
Watch for your breathe
They can smell fear
They can smell blood
For they are fear and blood
For you are nothing but fear and blood

Tic tac
Monster’s back
Hear the sound
Hear the crack
Hear the laugh
Hear the scream
Hear the tear
But where the hell are you ?

Tic tac
Monster’s right
Where are your pride ?
Where is your name ?
Where’s your shadow ?
Where’s your past ?
Where are your words ?
Where the hell are you ?

Tic tac
Monster time
You can’t wake up
You can’t end it up
You can’t move
Night is not over
Until monters are back under the bed
You’re nothing but fear and blood…

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